Aruba's Carnival Tumba Festival 2020

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For Carnival 2020 the Aruba’s Tumba Festival was held at the Carnival Village in San Nicolas. The attendance was above expectations considering it was the first time in history that the festival has moved uptown. For Carnival 2021 the Tumba Festival will be celebrating its 50th anniversary.

Tumba King 2020: Jerrino Ridderstap

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Bacchanal, Aruba’s Official Carnival Platform proudly presents the single pages for each singer or musical band with their own information, song list and complete photo albums through the years that Aruba Bacchanal has covered their Carnival trajectory.

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List: bands and singers for Tumba Festival 2020

musical band name / artistic name song title song link composer(s) arranger(s) results
1 Grupo Stimami Jelisse Boekhoudt Lanta ariba ban defend'é
(Get up and let's defend it)
Jadrick Croes Lionel Croes /
Edgar Kock
2 1OAK Jurick Salomon E tin cu keda
(It has to stay)
Jersey Isenia Jersey Isenia
3 D’-Licious Lionel Croes Sera bo stoel
(Fold up that chair)
Lionel Croes /
Edgar Kock
Ronwayne Kock Most Popular
,, René Samson Amor pa Carnaval
(Love for Carnival)
Eugene Albertsz Ronwayne Kock /
Denny Loefstop
,, Jerrino Ridderstap Ban lucha p'é
(Let's fight for it)
Jerrino Ridderstap Migi Boss - Aruba's Tumba King 2020
- Best Costume
- Best Arrangement
4 Grupo di Amigo Giliane Wester Hala faha mara
(Strap up tighter)
Ronwayne Kock Denny Loefstop Tumba 2020 - 3rd Place
,, Jerwin Hernandez Ta su ora
(It's time)
Ronwayne Kock Denny Loefstop Tumba 2020 - 2nd Place
5 Zeta Band Priscilla Quant E reina a subi caya
(the Queen hass taken to the road)
Jersey Isenia Jersey Isenia Best Uniform for Band
,, Richard Quant Te aya ariba
(Up till there)
Jersey Isenia Jersey Isenia

Timeline: history of Aruba's Carnival Tumba Contests

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Tumba Contest 2020

Tumba King 2020: Jerrino Ridderstap
2nd Place Tumba 2020: Jerwin Hernandez
3rd Place Tumba 2020: Giliane Wester

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Tumba Contest 2019

Tumba King 2019: Rodrick Franken
2nd Place Tumba 2019: Jerrino Ridderstap
3rd Place Tumba 2019: Jerwin Hernandez
4th Place Tumba 2019: Edward van der Biezen
5th Place Tumba 2019: Maryann Rodriguez

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History: Tumba Contest

Aruba’s tumba rythm is more melodic and for Carnival the lyrics are dedicated to the celebration. The first Tumba Festival was held in 1971 for Carnival 17 at which Casin Giel was crowned as Aruba’s first Carnival Tumba King.

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