Aruba's Carnival Tumba Festival 2019

Tumba King 2019: Rodrick Franken

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Aruba’s Official Carnival Platform proudly presents the single pages for each singer or musical band with their own information, song list and complete photo albums through the years that Aruba Bacchanal has covered their Carnival trajectory.

Quick photographic overview: random shots

List: bands and singers for Tumba Festival 2019

musical band name / artistic name song title song link composer(s) arranger(s) results
1 1OAK Jurick Salomon Aruba tey
(Aruba is here)
Gregory Colina Gregory Colina
2 Aiwalos Lionel Croes Bai puntra bo mama
(Go ask your mother)
Lionel Croes /
Edgar Kock
Raul Piar - Comical Tumba
Veloushka Kozendijk Ta un nos ta
(We are one)
Lionel Croes /
Edgar Kock
Raul Piar
Sidney Simoons Tin bida
(There is life)
Ivanuar van der Linde Ivanuar van der Linde
3 Buleria Official Rodrick Franken Aruba ariba
(Aruba on top)
Djoni Croes /
Rodrick Franken
Dwight Leonata Tumba King 2019
4 ,, Maryann Rodriguez Bisiña
Dwight Leonata Dwight Leonata Tumba 2019 - 5th Place
- Best Costume for Singer
5 ,, Rolindo Dortalina Amigo pa semper
(Friends forever)
Milangelo Dap /
Rolindo Dortalina
Dwight Leonata
6 D'-licious Edward van der Biezen Grandi den caya grandi
(Big in the mainstreet)
Lionel Croes /
Edward van der Biezen
Raul Piar Tumba 2019 - 4th Place
7 ,, Jerwin Hernandez Saca mi cara
(Make me look good)
Jersey Isenia Jersey Isenia Tumba 2019 - 3rd Place
8 ,, Ronwayne Kock Carnaval ta nos cu nos
(Carnival is with us)
Ronwayne Kock /
Frenk Kock
Denny Loefstop
9 ,, Jerrino Ridderstap Positivo
Jonathan Thiel /
Ronwayne Kock /
Jerrino Ridderstap
Denny Loefstop /
Derrel de Palm /
Dennis Zavala
Tumba 2019 - 2nd Place
Most Popular
10 ,, René Samson Ta den pregon tin sabor Ronwayne Kock Denny Loefstop
11 Loutiza & su orkesta Loutiza Raven Den grandi
(Comin' in big)
Henry Oliviera Henry Oliviera Best Uniform for Band
12 Rincon Boyz Chendell Beaumont Mensahe di confiansa
(Message of trust)
Chendell Beaumont Xemio Jacobs
13 ,, Mary-Jane Vrolijk Curason Carnaval
(Carnival heart)
Jurdany Koolman /
Papito Rafael
Jurdany Koolman /
Diego Henriquez /
Dennis Zavala /
Axel Consension
14 Sound & More Jeffrey Kelly D’jaki pa momo
(From here to Momo)
Jeffrey Kelly Diego Henriquez /
Dennis Zavala /
Jurdany Koolman
15 ,, Jersey Sophia Papiamento den 65
(Papiamento in 65)
Jersey Sophia John Francis Jacobs
16 X-Static Francella Jacobs Ban celebra
(Let's celebrate)
John Francis Jacobs John Francis Jacobs
17 ,, John Francis Jacobs Jr. E yabi
(The key)
Renan Alberto /
John Francis Jacobs
John Francis Jacobs
18 Zeta Band Hubert Geerman Buguru bagara huba palaga Gregorio Pourier Hyacinthus Nicolaas
19 ,, Richard Quant Lag’é basha
(Let it pour)
Richard Quant / Dwight Leoneta Dwight Leoneta

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