Aruba's Carnival Queen Election

Aruba Bacchanal in a research about the origins of Carnival as it is celebrated on Aruba wants to share some findings about Aruba’s Carnival Queen Elections. Findings to point out similarities between Aruba’s Carnival Queen Elections and elections of other great Carnival celebrations from around the world.

(12>) Earlier between 1806 and 1823 Mardi Gras celebrations in New Orleans were curtailed. It was then that indoor balls were held and became popular. Later the first official Mardi Gras Parade was held in 1883. The Civil War put a hold on Mardi Gras festivities from 1860 t o1864 (<12). (13>) The Cumos, recognized as the oldest continuously operating Carnival krewe in New Orleans,returned in 1865 with a more civilized celebration. They would parade, but it would be on floats, with bands marching along and torchmen helping to illuminate it all. The modern Carnival parade had been born. Then it was in 1870 that the Twelfth Night Revellers paraded in a grand march as a first Carnival krewe to have a queen of a Mardi Grass Ball. The list of krewes started to grow many of them with their own indoor ball and outdoor marching parades. (<13)

photo taken in 1955 and as courtesy in 2003 by mrs. Evelina Jansen-Croes (seventh from the left with the wide dress and the crown).

From elegant white to dashing colors

(10>) For a few decades long following the election of miss Evelina Croes as the first ‘Aruba’s Carnival Queen’ in 1955, Carnival Queen Elections were simpler events and far more formal to be compared with the Queen Elections in the New Orleans Carnival celebration. (<10) (11>) Then in 1984 a break through the traditional formality was made at the ‘Aruba’s Carnival Youth Queen Election’ by Natasha (Tasha) Felix representing ‘Colegio Arubano’. She went on stage dressed in a trouser suit and a top decorated with a colorful rooster with feathers, payettes and beads. It was not only Tasha’s outfit, but the young girl herself possessed such an ease and charisma that no one in the audience had a doubt about her winning the title. Despite the revolutionary ideas presented by Natasha Felix that day it was one of the easiest decisions for the jury to elect her as Aruba’s Carnival Youth Queen 1984.
This made such an impact that in following years, more and more candidates introduced variation and color in their gala outfits. Different from before Tasha, today we see the candidates presenting themselves dressed in complete Carnival outfits, in what can be considered as a creative freestyle part of the election. Then they present their official gown which is also usually colorful while remaining under the guidelines of the rules. (<11)

Queen Elections today: the jury

There are two groups in the jury. The members of the first group are Arubans with considerable Carnval experience. The members of the other group are choosen island visitors. The visiting members of the jury would take stories about the exciting experience of the ‘Aruba Carnival Queen Elections’ back to their home countries. This is a great way to share Carnival as one of Aruba’s cultural highlights with our visitors to the island who on their part very rarely refuse considering it as a privilege.

Aruba Carnival Queen editions

Aruba Carnival in 2020 has elected the 66th Carnival Queen since first miss Evelina Croes representing the Aruba Tivoli Club in 1955, the 59th Carnival Youth Queen since first Jolanda Coutinho representing J.C Tanki Leendert in the year of 1964, the 45th Carnival Children Queen since first Jeanette van der Linden representing the District of Savaneta in 1976 and the 26th Mrs. Carnival since first the popular Lilian Besselink better known as ‘Shi Préke’ was elected in 1995.


Natasha Felix

Aruba’s Carnival Queen 1984

Timeline: history of Aruba's Carnival Queen Elections

Carnival 66 2020 Election Queen Adult Timeline 1372 Prizes Winners All Rudyanne Lejuez Richinella Henriquez Josyliane Martinus Roberto Hernandis Gerald Sarda

Queen Elections 2020

Aruba’s Carnival Queen 2020: Rudyanne Lejuez (Champagne Carnival Group)
Aruba’s Carnival Youth Queen 2020: Alysa Simon (Kiwanis Builders Club)
Aruba’s Carnival Children Queen 2020: Jo-Amy Morcillo (District of Noord)
Aruba’s Mrs. Carnival 2020: Neíffi Kock (Infinity Carnival Group)

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Carnival 65 2019 Election Queen Carnival Adult Timeline 1348 Prizes Jeanissa Maduro Aliyah Harms Alyxienne Kock Ilaijah Croes Ashantee Martus

Queen Elections 2019

Aruba’s Carnival Queen 2019: Jeanissa Maduro (Empire Carnival Group)
Aruba’s Carnival Youth Queen 2019: Ilaijah Croes (Dushi Carnival Group)
Aruba’s Carnival Children Queen 2019: Aliyah Harms (Champagne Carnival Group)
Aruba’s Mrs. Carnival 2019: Clarissa Arrindell (Empire Carnival Group)

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Carnival 48 2002 Queen Timeline

History: Carnival Queen Elections

For a few decades long following the election of miss Evelina Croes as the first ‘Aruba’s Carnival Queen’ in 1955, Carnival Queen Elections were simpler events and far more formal to be compared with the Queen Elections in the New Orleans Carnival celebration.

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All Aruba's Carnival Queens since 1955

Bacchanal Time Tracker

year carnival queens carnival youth queens carnival children queens mrs. carnival
C66_2020 66. Rudyanne Lejuez *** - Champagne Carnival Group 59. Alysa Simon - Kiwanis Builders Club 45. Jo-Amy Morcillo - District of Noord 26. Neíffi Kock - Infinty Carnival Group
C65_2019 65. Jeanissa Maduro - Empire Carnival Group 58. Ilaijah Croes - Dushi Carnival Group 44. Aliyah Harms - Champagne Carnival Group 25. Clarissa Arrindell - Empire Carnival Group
C64_2018 64. Marsheline Kock - Superfood 57. Maria Cordoba - Maria College M.A,V.O. 43. Kiziah Ras - T.O.B. Carnival Group 24. Shaïra Laclé - T.O.B. Carnival Group
C63_2017 63. Sabina Rey - district Sta. Cruz / Dushi Carnival Group 56. Ileyna de Cuba - Champagne Carnival Group 42. Evah Sophie Ras - T.O.B. Kids Carnival Group 23. Julie Tromp-Malmberg - Champagne Carnival Group
C62_2016 62. Sukienne Copra - T.O.B. Carnival Group 53. Rudyanne Lejuez - District San Nicolas 41. Layevska Farro - Champagne Carnival Group 22. Candida Maduro - T.O.B. Carnival Group
C61_2015 61. Tanisha Schaarbaay - Colegio E.P.I. 52. Jeanissa Maduro - Popcorn Club 40. Jaidyleen Tromp - District of Noord 21. Valery Quant - Reina Gubernamental
C60_2014 60. Zuriah Flemming - MetaSocial Club Carnival Group 51. Dana Arends - T.O.B. Carnival Group 39. Sheqayli Acencion - District of Oranjestad 20. Lynette Barnadina - MetaSocial Club Carnival Group
C59_2013 59. Samantha Robert - Royal Carnival Group 50. Kiziah Trimon - Champagne Carnival Group 38. Edylienne Tromp - District of Noord 19. Gladys Martina - T.O.B. Carnival Group
C58_2012 58. Lynette Do Nascimento - Champagne Carnival Group 49. Edelysse Nicolaas - T.O.B. Carnival Group 37. Ileyna de Cuba - District Noord 18. Exina Joëlle Kock - H.O.G. Aruba Chapter
C57_2011 57. Svenja Croes - T.O.B. Carnival Group 48. Mikayla Ruiz - Champagne Carnival Group 36. Josiënne Maduro - Don Flip Carnival Group 17. Angelique Stuger- Postma - T.O.B. Carnival Group
C56_2010 56. Maribel Andrade - TOB Carnival Group 47. Mellouanne Petrocchi - Champagne Carnival Group 35. Isalys Geerman - … Kids 16. Helena Carmen Maduro - Champagne Carnival Group
C55_2009 55. Alina Mansur - Champagne Carnival Group 46. Ziazian Goeloe - TOB Carnival Group 34. Tara Roga - Champagne Carnival Group 15. Flor Maria Croes-Bislik - TOB Carnival Group
C54_2008 54. Jennyree Geerman - Majestic Carnival Group 45. Alysha Boekhoudt - TOB Carnival Group 33. Thyziana de Cuba - District Oranjestad 14. Sulaika Bareño - Sunrise Carnival Group
C53_2007 53. Christina Trejo - TOB Carnival Group 44. Jo-Nally Wever - Champagne Carnival Group 32. Leeza Figaroa - Wizz Kids Carnival Group 13. Joseline Henriquez - Cable TV
C52_2006 52. Michella Vingal - Colegio Arubano 43. Hilyann Croes - District Sta. Cruz 31. Naomi Tromp - Wizz Kids 12. Jelisse Boekhoudt - TOB Carnival Group
C51_2005 51. Nabilach de Palm - E.P.I. Sector Economico 42. Alina Mansur - Champagne Carnival Group 30. Kimberly da Silva - Wizz Kids 11. Amparo Tromp-Richardson - Graficas Aruba Carnival Group
C50_2004 50. Ziziane Flemming - Dreamteam Sta. Cruz 41. Gilliany Oduber - Dreamteam Sta. Cruz 29. Shakira Hernadez - Chaz Wizz Kids 10. Ceslin Ashby - Sko di Pachanga
C49_2003 49. Dyanthe Maduro - Colegio Arubano 40. Chsitine Marie Trejo - Graficas Aruba Carnival Group 28. Dayreen Maduro - District San Nicolas 9. Jane Soliana - District San Nicolas
C48_2002 48. Sharon Tower - Dream Team 39. Maribel Andrade - Pan Cayente 27. Mellouanne Petrocchi - Chaz Models 8. Angelique Leo - Grupo Full Suave
C47_2001 47. Rachelle Oduber - Texaco Carnival Group 38. Emily Berkley - District Oranjestad 26. Chantelle Fortin - San Nicolas Uni 7. Elsa Krosendijk - Companashi Carnival Crew
C46_2000 46. Chastity Hodge - Bonaire Club 37. Abigail van der Linden - Colegio Arubano 25. Edilienne Stenebome - District Noord 6. Evon Jacobs - Setar NV
C45_1999 45. Deyanira Frank - Dream Team 36. Jo-Anne Maduro - District Sta. Cruz 24. Hilyann Croes - Dream Team 5. Betty Werleman-Kelly
C44_1998 44. Sharity Kock - District Sta Cruz 35. Nisana Sologier - Colegio Arubano 23. Zachery Croes - District Sta. Cruz 4. Sita Alvarez Obispa - Hospi Jollies
C43_1997 43. Cathy Arends - Aruba Tivoli Club 34. Joanne Croes -Aruba Tivoli Club 22. Gossy-Ann Oduber - Kids in Action 3. Maria Everon
C42_1996 42. Joally Croes - Estrella Club 33. Zulaika Croes - District Piedra Plat 21. Marie-Louise Maxwell 2. Hellen Mohamed
C41_1995 41. Rubina Bernadina - Colegio Arubano 32. Monica Nussette Bruin - Tivoli Club 20. Joyce Ann Figaroa - District Noord 1. Lilian Besselink
C40_1994 40. Mayrene Halmeyer - Colegio Arubano 31. Maria Monica Bosch - Tivoli Club 19. Maribel Andrade - Kids in Action
C39_1993 39. Rachel Kraayvanger - Coastal Club 30. Jueline Abspoel - District Savaneta 18. Itishmira Soliana - District Sta. Cruz
C38_1992 38. Monica Saladin - Tivoli Club 29. Ediliane Donker - Disrtict Noord 17. Melony Peasch - District Oranjestad
C37_1991 37. Adira Haley - Coastal Club 28. Gloria Vega - Juliana School 16. Sulaika Duann Bareño - District Piedra Plat
C36_1990 36. Geraldine Erasmus - District Tanki Leendert 27. Joally Croes - Americana Hotel 15. Julien Vrolijk - District Pos Chikito
C35_1989 35. Suzette Croes - District Savaneta 26. Veroushka Croes - District Paradera 14. Judelca Briseño - Bonaire Club
C34_1988 34. Milda Tromp - Americana Hotel 25. Nathaly Pimienta - Tuff Kids Fan Club 13. Irina Croes - District Sta. Cruz
C33_1987 33. Jerusha Rasmijn - District Savaneta 24. Cathy Falconi - Colegio Arubano 12. Joanne Bruin - District Oranjestad
C32_1986 32. Wendy Geerman - District Sta. cruz 23. Ariadne de Cuba - Caribe Club 11. Mirla Passchier - District Sta. Cruz
C31_1985 31. Clarina Geerman - District Sta. Cruz 22. Nataly Kelly - District Tanki Leendert 10. Nathaly Hoevertsz - Connie Francis Club
C30_1984 30. Maristella Geerman - Connie Francis Club 21. Natasha Felix - Colegio Arubano 9. Marylin Kock - District Sta. Cruz
C29_1983 29. Moira Lioe-A-Tjam - Concord Social Club 20. Daisy Hoo - Colegio Arubano 8. Tricia Werleman - District San Nicolas
C28_1982 28. Gianni de Cuba - Caribe Club 19. Joseline Croes - Caribe Club 7.
C27_1981 27. Connie Irausquin - Club Scaramouche 18. Marjorie Flemming - District Sta. Cruz 6. Herleen Koolman - District Savaneta
C26_1980 26. Rose-Ann Lejuez - District San Nicolas 17. Nicolette Vloemans - Colegio Arubano 5. Sulaika Laclé - District Oranjestad / Joally Croes - Sta. Cruz
C25_1979 25. Cita Geerman - Connie Francis Club 18. Marjorie Flemming - District Sta. Cruz 4. Zulaika Marchena - District Oranjestad
C24_1978 24. Bianca Hoek - District Oranjestad 17. Nicolette Vloemans - Colegio Arubano 3. Liesbeth de Kort - District Savaneta
C23_1977 23. Helene Croes - Caiquetio Club 16. Irene Perez - Connie Francis Club 2. Silvette Ruiz - Esso Club
C22_1976 22. Marieta Tromp - Amity Organization 15. Connie Irausquin - Juliana School 1. Jeanette van der Linden - District Savaneta
C21_1975 21. Eldred Oduber - Amity Organization 14. Maristella Werleman - Connie Francis Club
C20_1974 20. Grecelle Croes - Caribe Club 13. Mariana Werleman - Amity Club
C19_1973 19. Pamela Brown - District San Nicolas 12. Evy Raven - Caribe Club
C18_1972 18. Sylvia Werleman - Estrella Club 11. Helene Croes - Caiquetio Club
C17_1971 17. Jeanette Lopez-Henriquez - Caribe Club 10. Glenda Croes - Connie Francis Club
C16_1970 16. Carmen Laclé - Tivoli Club 9. Silvia Koolman - Connie Francis Club
C15_1969 15. Vilma Laclé - Caribe Club 8. Jossy Ponson - Tivoli Club
C14_1968 14. Edwina Croes - Estrella Club 7. Lia Lopez - Connie Francis Club
C13_1967 13. Jane Laclé - Estrella Club 6. Nancy Croes - Caribe Club
C12_1966 12. Gwendoline Fowler - Caribe Club 5. Elisabeth Bruin - Tivoli Club
C11_1965 11. Dorinda Croes - Tivoli Club 4. Astrid Leenheer - Juliana School
C10_1964 10. Lydia Henriquez -Club Caribe 3. Ankie Bruin - Tivoli Club
C09_1963 9. Enid Marugg - Tivoli Club 2. Jane Laclé - Jolly Teeners
C08_1962 8. Linda Maduro - Estrella Club 1. Jolanda Coutinho - J.C Tanki Leendert
C07_1961 7. Gladys Kock - Viceroy
C06_1960 6. Burney Every - Tivoli Club
C05_1959 5. Alicia Dijkhoff - Viceroy
C04_1958 4. Milda Van der Linden - Schlitz
C03_1957 3. Tica Veger - Heineken
C02_1956 2. Olga Tromp - Schlitz
C01_1955 1. Evelina Croes - Tivoli Club