Aruba Carnival Prins & Pancho

Aruba’s ‘Carnival Prins & Pancho’ are elected in four categories; children, youth, adult and a fourth category called the ‘Carnival Prins der Prinsen’. The elections are held every year in all the categories except for the fourth category of ‘Carnival Prins der Prinsen’ which is held once every five years during a lustrum celebration. Participants to the ‘Prins der Prinsen Elections’ of the Lustrum Carnival celebrations are those who have already won the titles of Prins or Pancho in the years of Carnival before in any of the other three categories.

They will take over the island during the last weeks of Carnival.

photo: Carnival Prins & Panchos receiving the keys to the island from the Prime Minister of Aruba mrs. Evelyn Wever-Croes at the ceremony of Transfer of Command for Carnival 2020.

The role of Prins & Pancho

Since 1955 the ‘Prins & Pancho’ Elections were formally made part of Aruba’s Carnival celebration joining the Carnival Queen Elections, Musical Events and the official Carnival Parades. These participants to Carnival which are the ‘Prince & Pancho’ as Carnival Royalties have a different role than the other participants who even before 1955 have started parades with their costumes and music. Aruba’s Carnival Prince & Pancho Elections and Ceremonies have strong similarities with traditions elsewhere that date far back in time like when a city mayor hands over the ‘Key to the city’ to the ‘Prince of the Fools’. On Aruba for the first few decades in the beginning since 1955, at the

elections the participating Prins or Panchos would stand on stage in front of the microphone and only tell jokes dressed as Prins or Pancho. Then at the early 80’s the essence of Carnival Prins & Pancho Elections started to change. The participants to the Carnival Prins & Pancho Elections started to add theatherlike performances with a humoristic content on stage using different make-up and costumes in combination with telling jokes still as part of what has become a whole show.
The Carnival Prins & Pancho are the Carnival Royal representatives, masters of ceremonies, respected entertaining directors and the face of the Aruba Carnival. Being Carnival Prince & Pancho is a great responsibility of honor bestowed and of praise deserving.

Timeline: history of Aruba's Carnival Prins & Pancho Elections

Carnival 66 2020 Prins Pancho Timeline 369 Prizes All Winners

Prins & Pancho Elections 2020

In 2020 for the first time in Aruba's history of Carnival the Prins & Pancho Elections were held in San Nicolas at the Carnival Village. Aruba and especially San Nicolas embraced this idea proudly since Aruba's first and unique Carnival Village is built in their city.
Aruba Carnival Prins & Pancho 2020 was dedicated to to the twin brothers Geoffrey- and Jeffrey Angela.

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Carnival 65 2019 Prins Pancho Children Youth Adult Timeline 512 Prizes All Winners

Prins & Pancho Elections 2019

Participants to the ‘Prins der Prinsen Elections’ of the Lustrum Carnival celebrations are those who have already won the titles of Prins or Pancho in the history of Carnival before in any of the other usual three categories of children, youth and adults. This special election that is traditionally held once every five years was canceled by Smac for Carnival 65 in 2019.

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Carnival 49 2003 Transefer Of Command Timeline

History: Prins & Pancho Elections

The Carnival Prins & Pancho are the Carnival Royal representatives, masters of ceremonies, respected entertaining directors and the face of the Aruba Carnival. Being Carnival Prince & Pancho is a great responsibility of honor bestowed and of praise deserving.

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All Aruba's Carnival Prins & Pancho since 1955

Bacchanal Time Tracker

nr. / year Prins: adult Pancho: adult Prins: youth Pancho: youth Prins: children Pancho: children
C66_2020 66. Roberto Hernandis (Prins Spaghetti) 66. Geralda Sarda (Pancho Meatballs) 57. Alexander Donata (Prins Djaki) 57. Brandon Dirksz (Pancho Djaya) 39. Ezequiel Nahar (Prins Cansa) 39. Eden Antersijn (Pancho Fada)
C65_2019 65. Charles Rafiné (Prins Bon) 65. Michael Quant (Pancho Malo) 56. Dwayne Dabian (Prins Mal) 56. Obi Tromp (Pancho Tempo) 38. Joshmar de Cuba (Prins Antes) 38. Jaymar de Cuba (Pancho Awor)
C64_2018 64. Arjean Martinus (Prins Bon) 64. Rudy Cabral (Pancho Laaf) 55. Ransiel Medina (Prins Des) 55. Alexander Donata (Pancho Confia) 37. Gayquion Croes (Prins Guli) 37. Robert Tromp (Pancho Palabra)
C63_2017 63. Randy Hernandis (Prins Milk) 63. Roberto Hernandis (Pancho Shake) 54. Giomïr Leocadia (Prins Bo Tin) 54. Lixander Lambrinos (Pancho Curashi) 36. Li-Angelo Quant (Prins Por) 36. Shaiyron Alexander (Pancho Mas)
C62_2016 62. Randolph Ras (Prins Honey) 62. Luis Marval (Pancho Bee) 53. Nielrick Navas (Prins Raspa) 53. David Lont (Pancho Tarjeta) 35. Genevan Maduro (Prins Guli) 35. Gionrick Navas (Pancho Palabra)
C61_2015 61. Randall Luidens (Prins Full) 61. Alberto Groeneveldt (Pancho Fout) 52. Ivan Werleman (Prins Ami) 52. Endrick Panneflek (Pancho Abo) 34. Janïrh Geerman (Prins SAC) 34. Zyqelo Guerrero (Pancho SMAC)
C60_2014 60. Jordano Hilario (Prins 60) 60. Emon Webb (Pancho Rebienta) 51. Dion Carolina (Prins Kico) 51. Steven de Cuba (Pancho A bai robes) 33. Xenon Daal (Prins Mega) 33. Bryanden Koolman (Pancho Falta)
C59_2013 59. Jermaine Toppenberg (Prins Bai Gaña) 59. Bryan Courtar (Pancho Baca) 50. Marcel Kock (Prins B’a Busca) 50. Randell Gross como (Pancho B’a Haya) 32. Zyqu Guerrero (Prins Gangnam) 32. Jahmani Eisden (Pancho Style)
C58_2012 58. Eduardo Loefstop (Prins Bin Tuma) 58. Jonathan Thiel como (Pancho Bo Cos) 49. Jordan Hilario (Prins Fabu) 49. Emon Webb (Pancho Loso) 31. Jayrick Lopez (Prins Kico a Pasa) 31. Pressy Pesqueira (Pancho Nada u’n Pasa)
C57_2011 57. Raymberth Bikker (Prins Kwenta) 57. Donovan Henriquez (Pancho Ohm) 48. Jesmar Pantoha (Prins Shon Bati) 48. Silvion Pardo (Pancho Compa Buli) 30. Ferdinand Bontekoe (Prins Ritmo) 30. Jadon Maduro como (Pancho Alegria)
C56_2010 56. Jonathan Thiel (Prins Cambio) / 56. Maurice Maduro (Pancho Dimes) 47. Mike Montero (Prins Mira) 47. Joshua Geerman (Pancho Laga para) 29. D-Shawn Le Grand (Prins Lap) 29. Zenon Croes (Pancho Top)
C55_2009 55. Christopher Vrolijk (Prins Faya) 55. Humphrey Obispa (Bo Haya) 46. Rowney Hermans (Prins Prins You've got) 46. Gyasi Muller (Pancho The look) 28. Michenou Bernabela (Prins Pa Semper) 28. Ferdinand Bontekoe (Pancho Companashi)
C54_2008 54. Ivmar Croes (Prins Hala Kita) 54. Pedro de Verona Kock (Pancho Pa nos drenta) 45. Jair Vesprey (Prins Prins Bin) 45. Jonathan Thiel (Pancho Tuma) 27. Xavier Maduro (Prins Prins Mangel) 27. Jeandrick (Pancho Dushi)
C53_2007 53. Raymond Geerman (Prins Culpa) 53. Daniel Quandus (Pancho Ami) 44. Jeymie Croes (Prins Gras) 44. Jerall Maduro (Pancho Grijs) 26. Randell Gross (Prins Bai) 26. Marcel Kock (Pancho Sol)
C52_2006 52. Jayson Geerman (Prins Ramon) 52. Ruthley Zievinger (Pancho Konenchi) 43. Jeumar Geerman (Prins Sonry) 43. Roland Ridderstaat (Pancho Toca me lo todo) 25. Mathew Peasch (Prins Hot) 25. Luyeann Bergen (Pancho Pepper)
C51_2005 51. Jonathan Ruiz (Prins Cosito) 51. Marion Limonier (Pancho Rico) 42. Christopher Vrolijk (Prins Youth) 42. Arion Maduro (Pancho Connection) 24. Elgiomar Farro (Prins Wasa) 24. Gioberthy Romero (Pancho Wasa)
C50_2004 50. Shamir Sylvania (Prins Happy) 50. Randy Henriquez (Pancho Birthday) 41. Elyomar Perez (Prins Dal) 41. Hendrick Leer (Pancho Abou) 23. Rowney Hermans (Prins Warda) 23. Giasy Muller (Pancho Nos Costa)
C49_2003 49. Kelvin Yarzagaray (Prins Placa) 49. Jeandrick Quant (Pancho Dera) 40. Lyonel Dirksz (Prins Basha) 40. Lionel Martes (Pancho Abou) 22. Sicnarf Loefstok (Prins Un Dia) 22. Jiandido Tromp (Pancho Den Bida)
C48_2002 48. Jarzinho Arends (Prins Comapnashi) 48. Andre Franken (Pancho Anto ta cla) 39.Ronwayne Kock (Prins Wowo) 39. Denrick Werleman (Pancho Afor) 21. Joshua Zara (Prins Prensa) 21. Nigel Williams (Pancho Aruba)
C47_2001 47. Ferdinand Bontekoe (Prins Compa) 47. Vladimir de Cuba (Nashi) 38. Ronald Gomez (Prins Ami) 38. Alwin Toppenberg (Pancho Cu Ne) 20. Markwin Ignacio (Prins Keep it up) 20. Jerrino Henriquez (Pancho Give it up)
C46_2000 46. Ricky Nelson (Prins Dede Pikiña) 46. Lysander Besselink (Mayor di Tur) 37. Jeffrey Werleman (Prins Shishi) 37. Ronwayne Kock (Pancho Fluit) 19. Rodney Zara (Prins Dakota) 19. Joshua Zara (Pancho Tur Dia)
C45_1999 45. Richard Frank (Prins Antes) 45. Ricky Henriquez (Pancho Awor) 36. Jason Geerman (Prins Dande) 36. Joally Wever (Pancho Carnavalesco) 18. Jeffrey Schuilenburg (Prins Wawa) 18. Jack Tromp (Pancho Pata Conto)
C44_1998 44. Rodney Tromp (Prins Mai) 44. Burt ‘Dusty’ Frans (Pancho Tai) 35. Bryner Croes (Prins Party) 35. Derrick Dubero (Pancho Bolo) 17. Casey Dozier (Prins Bobbo) 17. Gerald Dirksz (List)
C43_1997 43. Carlos Geerman (Prins Arubiano) 43. Richard Bislip (Pancho Original) 34 34. 16 16.
C42_1996 42. Anthony Dijkhoff (Prins Dum-) 42. Carlos Pastor (Pancho (-pling) 33. Sigmar Tromp (Prins Bai) 33. Ryan Kock (Pancho Bin Bek) 15. Derrick Dubero (Prins Mickey) 15. Brian Croes (Pancho Mouse)
C41_1995 41. Herbert ‘Pum pum’ Besselink (Prins Baby) 41. Humphrey Schuilenburg (Pancho Choll) 32. Ricky Nelson (Prins Ritmo) 32. Lisander Besselink (Pancho Cuerde) 14. Jilbert Dijkhoff (Prins Choll) 14. Kenrick Dania (Pancho Ler)
C40_1994 40. Juan Mateo (Prins Ami) 40. Glen Sambo (Pancho Cu Ne) 31. Juni Lampe (Prins Hisa Benta) 31. Adward Simos (Pancho Tur Dia) 13. Ginio Couthinio (Prins Bingo) 13. Annuard Laclé (Pancho Bango)
C39_1993 39. Mailkel Tromp (Prins Wanta) 39. Melvin Garcia (Pancho Duro) 30. Nelson Hoevertsz (Prins Sencia) 30. Kyon Ras (Pancho Carbon) 12. Brian Brete (Prins Mi ta pushe) 12. Jordiano Hoevertsz (Pancho Unda cu ta)
C38_1992 38. Lionel Croes (Prins Barbie) disqualified / Andino Angela (Prins First) 38. Farley Croes (Pancho Ken) disqualified / Julio Rafini (Pancho Time) 29. Geoffrey Angela (Prins Heckle) 29. Jeffrey Angela (Pancho Jeckle) 11. Tito Bolivar (Prins Lenga) 11. Dwayne Marchena (Pancho Largo)
C37_1991 37. David Alexander (Prins Watch) 37. Cecelito Lopes (Pancho Out) 28. Omar Tromp (Prins 13) 28. Maikel Tromp (Pancho 90) 10. Burt Frans (Prins Hip) 10. Maurice Escalona (Pancho Hop)
C36_1990 36. Corwin Krozendijk (Prins Hooo) 36. Roberto Hieroms (Pancho Looo) 27. Francis Figaroa (Prins Radio) 27. Maikel Tromp (Pancho 1270) 09. Sigmar Tromp (Prins Bebe) 09. Andy Hernandez (Pancho Malta)
C35_1989 35. Jeffrey Schuilenburg (Prins Cachete) 35. Roy Lints (Pancho Machete) 26. Jeffrey Angela (Prins Look) 24. Geoffrey Angela (Pancho Alike) 08. George Dane (Prins Den) 08. Randy Bikker (Pancho Wowo)
C34_1988 34. Cecelito Lopes (Prins Canal) 34. Ivan Thijssen (Pancho 90) 25. Giovanni Nicolaas (Prins Super) 23. Richard Lopez (Pancho Station) 07. Omar Tromp (Prins Malta) 07. Jorge Manuel (Amstel)
C33_1987 33. John Brown (Prins Accion) 33. Kenneth van Putten (Pancho Total) 24. Melvin Garcia (Prins Aki) 22. Glenn Rock (Pancho Aya) 06. Ellery Danje (Prins Poco poco) 06. Rodney Thijsen (Pancho Loco loco)
C32_1986 32. Jeffrey Schuilen burg (Prins Full) 32. Giovanni Arends (Pancho Swing) 23. Ivan Thijsen (Prins Cui) 23. Cecelito Lopez (Pancho Dao) 05. Sharlon Odor (Prins Checkpoint) 05. Dwaing Albus (Pancho Popito)
C31_1985 31. Kenneth van Putten (Prins Hancra) 31. John Brown (Pancho Dobla) 22. Nelson Nicolaas (Prins Chu) 22. Charles Schuilenburg (Pancho Lulu) 04. Anthony Matos (Prins Ma) 04. Ivan Matos (Pancho Tos)
C30_1984 30. Roy Lintsz (Prins Sorpresa) 30. Jeffrey Schuilenburg (Pancho Loco) 21. Ivan Giel (Prins Gayo) 21. Gregory Tromp (Pancho Goyo) 03. Charles Simons (Prins Charlie) 03. Randolf Ras (Pancho Coco)
C29_1983 29. Armando Croes (Prins Popo) 29. Frank Erasmus (Pancho Popito) 20. Edmundo Tromp (Prins Check) 20. Robert Hieromis (Pancho Point) 02. Jeffrey Dijkhoff (Prins Ami) 02. Giovanni Croes (Pancho Cu mi botter)
C28_1982 28. Maximo Rojas (Prins Carnaval) 28. Ronny Eckmeyer (Pancho Sin Igual) 19. Roy Lintsz (Prins Cachete) 19. Jeffrey Schuilenburg (Pancho Machete) 01. Rick Lobrecht (Prins Rick) 01. Ed Lobrecht (Pancho Ed)
C27_1981 27. Papito Rafael (Prins Un biaha mas) 27. Humphrey Obispa (Pancho Atrobe) 18. Alonso Tromp (Prins Hopi) 18. Eddy Campo (Pancho Loco)
C26_1980 26. Ronny Eckmeyer (Prins En 26. Maximo Rojas (Pancho Nia) 17. Edwin Arends (Prins Scorpio) 17. Stanley Pourier (Disco)
C25_1979 25. Humphrey Obispa (Prins Heidi) 25. Nelson Marquez (Pancho Abuelito) 16. Hubert Salas (Prins Lembe) 16. Samuel Ramada (Pancho Jockey)
C24_1978 24. Maikito Croes (Prins Craps) 24. Randolph ‘Randy’ Thiel (Pancho Baccarat) 15. Armin Maduro (Prins Shopping) 15. Reginald Rafael (Pancho Paradise)
C23_1977 23. Sonny Vrolijk (Prins Zeppelin) 23. Lorenzo Flores (Pancho Dibchi) 14. Ernie Tromp (Prins Check) 14. Humphrey Obispo (Pancho Point)
C22_1976 22. Karel Arends (Prins Coco) 22. Nelson Marquez (Pancho Robana) 13. 13.
C21_1975 21. Rodgie Croes (Prins Machica) 21. Tai Bremer (Pancho Cachaca) 12. Alex Geerman (Prins Cos) 12. Rudy Thiel (Pancho Subi)
C20_1974 20. Robby Jansen (Prins Lenga) 20. Vale Croes (Pancho Corriente) 11. Rocky Croes (Prins Cinco) 11. Michael Yarzagaray (Pancho Ria)
C19_1973 19. Gregorio Geerman (Prins Check in) 19. Padu Bislick (Pancho Out) 10. Nelson Vrolijk (Prins Hube) 10. Robert Thiel (Pancho Nil)
C18_1972 18. Arcangel ‘Buchi’ Laclé (Prins Travellers) 18. Milo Ras (Pancho Checks) 09. Nelson Marquez (Prins Jump) 09. Michael Matos (Pancho Up)
C17_1971 17. Harold Helder (Prins Disc) 17. Ruben Garcia (Pancho Jockey) 08. E. Coutinho (Prins Carni) 08. Themo Marquez (Pancho Val)
C16_1970 16. Juancitio Giel (Prins Sjors) 16. Renee Laurens (Pancho Sjimmie) 07. Icho Brete (Prins Tru) 07. Francis Petronia (Pancho Piaal)
C15_1969 15. Eddy Geerman (Prins Chiki Chiki) 15. Robby Jansen (Pancho Rión Rión) 06. Claudio Quandt (Prins Frusto) 06. Theolindo Croes (Prins Stainless Steel)
C14_1968 14. Carlos Ras (Prins Pata Pata) 14. Augustin Croes (Pancho Bala Bala) 05. Inrich Flanegin (Prins Meetkunde) 05. Harold Tromp (Pancho Algerbra)
C13_1967 13. Egbert Ponson (Prins Tru) 13. Ochi Oduber (Pancho Lala) 04. Albert Arends (Prins Crioyo) 04. Simon Arends (Pancho Trulala)
C12_1966 12. Sito Riddertsap Prins Mop) 12. Anthony Paesch (Pancho Basora) 03. Franki Kuiperi (Prins Mop) 03. Ronald Harms (Pancho Basora)
C11_1965 11. Guy Paris (Prins Pegasaya) 11. Federico Wever (Pancho Bringamosa) 02. Nelo Loefstop (Prons Catochi) 02. Percey Jean D'or (Pancho Choqueque)
C10_1964 10. Eugène Laclé (Prins Cabuya) 10. Sybreu Bruin (Pancho Knoppi) 01. Nito Erasmus (Prins Colon) 01. Jossy Tromp (Pancho Barigon)
C09_1963 Jacobo Giel (Prins Cobito) 09. Raymundo Eckmeyer (Pancho Mundo)
C08_1962 08. Richard Salas (Prins Chupabebe) 08. Armando Villasmil (Pancho Lollipop)
C07_1961 07. Ernesto Bareño (Prins Nes) 07. Edwin Angela (Pancho Edwin)
C06_1960 06. Buchi Bislick (Prins Bobby) 06. Zepp Tromp (Pancho Trompet)
C05_1959 05. Rudy MacDonald (Prins Rudy) 05. Roy de Kort (Pancho Roy)
C04_1958 04. Reginald Orman (Prins Reggie) 04. Sha Baiz (Pancho Sha)
C03_1957 03. Papi Winterdaal (Prins Papi) 03. Reginald Orman (Pancho Reggie)
C02_1956 02. Paul Diaz (Prins Pupi) 02. Jani Arends (Pancho Jani)
C01_1955 01. Casper Laclé (Prins Casparito) 01. Morris Neme (Pancho Morris)