Carnival Calypso & Roadmarch Contest

Stage for children

Often children can’t wait to grow up and live up to the example that their role models have set. Many of these role models are found on stages and those of the Aruba Carnival Queen Elections, Grand Tumba Festivals and Caiso & Soca Monarchs are no exceptions. The stages for the Carnival children events including the Calypso & Roadmarch Contest offer a great opportunity where many can start to live their passion and display their artistic talent. Stages that are like trampolines to the much coveted bigger events. The Calypso & Roadmarch Contest amongst other children events has produced many participants we’ve seen later participating at the bigger events.

photo: left and middle from 2006 and right from 2020. Bacchanal goes back as far as 2004 and Chantal Quant alias Queen Chanty was already on stage with the Children’s Calypso & Roadmarch Contest participating with singing, acting and/ or dancing. Her father is Richard Quant alias Mighty Tattoo. Richard has been participating even longer and has won several titles and prizes at Aruba’s Carnival musical events. Richard has founded and is owner of the musical band of Zeta Band in Aruba.

The legacy continues

The legacy continues because various of those singers now at the Caiso and Soca Monarch who’ve started from when they were younger or even childhood have their own children participating at the Aruba’s Calypso & Roadmarch Contest. Some that have stepped up to the bigger stage meet their own parents continuing in their legacy followed by the younger generation. Bacchanal has covered Carnival Princes, Panchos, Queens, Kings, Monarchs and many other participants to Aruba’s Carnival following them as they’ve grown up. We’ve kept their memories of accomplishments save and as we’ve promised before now it’s about time to start to share and relive them.

photo: left and middle from 2004 and right from 2017. Bacchanal has also covered Ashrock Gario alias Diamond Chip as far back as Carnival 50 in 2004. Ashrock’s father Antoni Gario alias Black Diamond is a singer, composer, arranger and has founded the musical band of Le Groove in Aruba. Last Caiso & Soca Monarch Ashrock was on stage singing with Antoni and Le Groove backing him up and sister Ashmira Gario also known as Dancing Diamond with the dance group accompanying her brother.

Other singers

Carl Roosberg Jr. alias Galloway Jr., Nigel Hoek alias NGL and Jair Vesprey alias ‘Buudy’.

Timeline: history of Aruba's Carnival Calypso & Roadmarch Contests

Carnival 66 2020 Calypso Roadmarch Prizes Timeline 934

Calypso & Roadmarch Contest 2020

Pre-Children Roadmarch Queen 2020: Zenae Vesprey
Children Roadmarch King 2020: Jereau Celaire
Youth Roadmarch Queen 2020: Jorienne Angela

Pre-Children Calypso King 2020: Enzo Croes
Children Calypso Queen 2020: Ishandrelys Martijn
Youth Calypso King 2020: Justin Valdez

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Carnival 65 2019 Calypso Roadmarch Pre Prizes Timeline 1093

Calypso & Roadmarch Contest 2019

Pre-Children Roadmarch Queen 2020: Keyshanti Buddy
Children Roadmarch Queen 2020: Reanne Ras
Youth Roadmarch Queen 2020: G’Zandra de Weever Rogers

Pre-Children Calypso King 2020:Enzo Croes
Children Calypso Queen 2020: Ivy-Anne Bryson
Youth Calypso King 2020:Justin Valdez

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Carnival 52 2006 Calypso Roadmarch Children Youth Timeline 251

History: Calypso & Roadmarch Contest

The stages for the Carnival children events including the Calypso & Roadmarch Contest offer a great opportunity where many can start to live their passion and display their artistic talent.

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Calypso & Roadmarch Kings and Queens

Bacchanal Time Tracker

name / stagename / song title
name / stagename / song title
name / stagename / song title
name / stagename / song title
name / stagename / song title
name / stagename / song title
C66_2020 38. Jorienne Angela (Queen Giandra) - Carnaval a yega 16. Justin Valdez (King Nutz) - Padú nos orguyo 23. Ishandrelys Martijn (The Empress Galloway) - Golden days 14. Jereau Celaire (Sonic Boom) - Sonic boom jam 04. Enzo Croes (EZ-Flo) - Minister Enzo 03. Zenae Vesprey (Easy Z) - Time clock
C65_2019 37. G' Zandra de Weever Rogers (Wuk Up Star) - Wakanda dance 15. Justin Valdez (King Nutz) - Let's bring the cambio 22. Reanne Ras (princess Reanne) - Mi cabayito 13. Ivy-Anne Bryson (Queen Ivy) - A prayer for we Carnival 03. Keyshanti Buddy (Miss Hype) - Whine, jump 'n wave 02. Enzo Croes (EZ-Flo) - Perfect
C64_2018 36. Sakandi Chandler (Singing Chenda) - Clear d' roadblock 14. Gerline Heyliger (Queen Lintje) The bomb 21. Elyse-Marie Jansen (Queen Lizy) - Temblor 12. Zoë Boekhoudt (Queen Zoë) - Calypso history 02. Keyshanti Buddy (Miss Hype) - Whine, jump 'n wave 01. Ivy-Anne Bryson (Queen Ivy) - Diploma
C63_2017 35. Travis Tucker (Tiptoe) - Jam like a manequin 13. Gerline Heyliger (Queen Lintje) - My time will come 20. Lacey Albus (Dancing Queen) - Transformer in the Party 11. Zyqelo Guerrero (Young Zy) - Ta un mucha mi ta 01. Reanne Ras (Princess Reanne) - Mi tata su truck
C62_2016 34. Ashmira Gario (Dancing Diamond) - A soca feeling 12. Maykxyon Maduro (Mighty Maykx) - No bullying 19. Lacey Albus (Dancing Queen) - Drumline 10. Xenon Daal (Prince Talent) - Mayornan di papel
C61_2015 33. Joshua Bryson (King Size) - Action ayoo 11. Maykxyon Maduro (Mighty Maykx) - Un mucha special ta un mucha ideal 18. Lacey Albus (Dancing Queen) - Ban spel 09. Xenon Daal (Prince Talent) -Chacal
C60_2014 32. Joshua Bryson (King Size) - 60 is kippevel 10. Jada Meijia (Jeeda) - Oh 17. Lacey Albus (Dancing Princess) - Jump on the bus 08. Jahmani Eiden ( King Jahmani) - Dios guia nos
C59_2013 31. Joshua Bryson (King Size) - 59 hit the floor 09. Joshua Bryson (King Size) - Ay ki mi ta worry 16. Izellah Ruiz (Queen Izi) - Push back 07. Izellah Ruiz (Queen Izi) - I love Aruba
C58_2012 30. Kyra Hoevertsz (Queen Kyra) - Carnaval rocks 08. Kyra Hoevertsz (Queen Kyra) - Let me hear your voice 15. Izellah Ruiz (Queen Izi) - Carnaval ta subi 06. Izellah Ruiz (Queen Izi) - Hubentud elogia otro
C57_2011 29. Chantal Quant (Queen Chanty) - No mishi cu mi 07. Chantal Quant (Queen Chanty) - It's time to take action 14. Kiziah Trimon (Kiziah) - Pump'e Carnaval) 05. Giomar Leocadia (Kid Dynamite Jr.) - Stop e violencia
C56_2010 28. Jair Vesprey (Mighty Buddy) - Aruban sauce 06. Jair Vesprey (Mighty Buddy) - Nos Por 13. Jake Fernandes Orfao (Mighty Jake) - Samba caramba 04. Joscar de Kort (King Shine) - Aruba Uni
C55_2009 27. Chantal Quant (Queen Chanty) - Roll & whine 05. Mitchell Tromp (Mighty Spinner) - Ring the bell 12. Fakir Boekhoudt (Kid Dynamite) - Moco jumbie jam 03. Joscar de Kort (King Shine) - Spar nos muchanan
C54_2008 26. Jonathan Thiel (Biggy Boy) - Feelin' nice 04. Jonathan Thiel (Biggy Boy) - What a thing 11. Brandon Riley (Mighty Nennon) - Jimbie 02.Fakir Boekhoudt (Kid Dynamite) - Holooo Sac
C53_2007 25. Jonathan Thiel (Biggy Boy) - Move with me 03. Jonathan thiel (Biggy Boy) - Nos mes 10. Jair Vesprey (Mighty Buddy) - Carnival pirates no participants
C52_2006 24. Charella Lopes (Queen Char) - Tremble 02.John Collins ( Black Shadow) - Who's causing the culture gap 09. Nigel Hoek (Kickin') - The flight of count dracula 01. Kelly-Ann Odor (Princess Kely) - Hold my hand
C51_2005 23. Stuart Smit (Mighty Sweetness) - Aruba ta mihor no participants 08. Brandon Riley (Mighty Nennon) - Twister
C50_2004 22. Ashrock Gario (Diamond Chip) - D'roller game 01. Mellizienne Richardson (Queen Melli) - People say ah small 07. Charella Lopes (Queen Char) - Kibra curpa
C49_2003 21. Carl Roosberg Jr. (Galloway Jr.) - Show me what you're feeling 06. Mellizienne Richardson (Queen Melli) - This whine is mine
C48_2002 20. Judy Henry (MVM Queen) - 05. John Francis Jacobs (Prince Talent)
C47_2001 19. Bernadith Corpus (Queen Melody) - Shake 04. Carl Roosberg Jr. (Galloway Jr.) - Wiggling
C46_2000 18. Cathrina de Graf 03. John Francis Jacobs (Prince Talent)
C45_1999 17. Reginald Wilson (Mr. Eraser) - Days of the week 02. (King Kevin) - Heart attack
C44_1998 16. Josey Kock - Blow your whistle 01. Francella Jacobs - Sho sho
C43_1997 15. ?
C42_1996 14. Analia Rasmijn (Queen Analia)
C41_1995 13. Johanus Luidens (Mighty Saxo)
C40_1994 12. Kenneth Meyers (Mighty Heads)
C39_1993 11. Kenneth Meyers (Mighty Heads)
C38_1992 10. Kenneth Meyers (Mighty Heads)
C37_1991 09. Kenneth Meyers (Mighty Heads)
C36_1990 08. Allan Howell (Mighty Golden Teeth
C35_1989 07. Giovanny Trim (Mighty Dancer)
C34_1988 06.Angelo Viotty (Mighty V)
C33_1987 05. Gino Kemp (Mighty E.T.)
C32_1986 04. Gino Kemp (Mighty E.T.)
C31_1985 03. Eddy Hermans Jr. (Kid Dynamite Jr.)
C30_1984 02. Eddy Hermans Jr. (Kid Dynamite Jr.)
C29_1983 01. Eddy Hermans Jr. (Kid Dynamite Jr.)