Aruba Carnival Caiso & Soca Monarch

Undeniable fact

It’s an undeniable fact that both the calypso and roadmarch musical tunes were first introduced to Aruba by the immigrants from Trinidad and other British Caribbean Islands. Immigrants that came to work at the Lago Oil & Transport Company (1924).

Calypso on Aruba

The Trinidadian calypso was already very popular in the forties and fifties. Then after 1950 an even greater breakthrough was made by some Trinidadian calypso singers becoming more popular around the world amongst which was Slinger Francisco better known as ‘Mighty Sparrow’. A sparrow because Slinger, besides his brilliant music, on stage had a performance that was different from the rest. Contrary to almost standing motionless on stage poking accusations while singing, Slinger Francisco couldn’t stand still as has always been the tradition. Slinger’s been often described as a singing sparrow that frolicked around on stage on the calypso rhythm. Hence Slinger’ stage name ‘Mighty Sparrow’.
The calypso fever kept spreading around the world and on Aruba the younger generations also started to take an interest in this musical rhythm, especially in San Nicolas. Many youngsters used to assemble at a place in San Nicolas called Time Square to jam their calypsos and so succeeded in convincing the new Aruba Carnival foundation SAC to officially incorporate a Calypso Contest in the Carnival agenda of 1964.

‘Mighty Sparrow’ on Aruba at the Balashi Garden (2009).

Roadmarch on Aruba

Roadmarch is the music that the steelbands used to play in the parades. Each steelband had its own composition of which the best would be awarded the prize of Roadmarch of the Year. This used to be a heavy competition between the bands and they took great pride in being chosen Steelband of the Year with the winning Roadmarch. From this competition on the streets raised the idea to organize an official roadmarch contest which was first introduced for

Carnival 1965. The idea of a roadmarch contest was added to the calypso contest which became Aruba’s Calypso & Roadmarch Contest since 1965.

The first King

The year of 1964 also marked the first Carnival Calypso Contest at which Paul Connor became Aruba’s first Calypso King. A year later in 1965 at Aruba’s first Roadmarch Contest the same Paul Connor won the title of Aruba’s first Roadmarch King with his song ‘Pork for Sale’.

Claudius Philips alias ‘Mighty Talent’ on stage in 2004 (Carnival 50) with his calypso ‘Tell me if I lie’ challenging Roy Lintsz alias ‘Lord Cachete’ .

Calypso– flavored music is a ‘tongue in cheek’ expression poking fun at local figures like politicians or other public figures, giving singers a chance to speak their minds on issues ranging from social gossip and societal critique to political and economic gripes, some lyrics mundane while others very serious. Many local Arubans consider the lyrics of Calypso throughout the years as an unofficial diary of the island’s history through the eyes of the average citizen.

Roadmarch relies on its faster rhythmical appeal and is the music that accompanies the street parades. A successful roadmarch tune is one that entices the crowd to dance and the fast rhythms are a blend of soca, merengue, funk and jazz.

Claudius Philips with his children’s Carnival Group ‘Wizz Kids’ in the Carnival Parade of 2008 leading the children with singing and dancing moves.

The dual competitions of Roadmarch and Calypso King are held in front of thousands and often last till the wee hours of the morning.

Timeline: history of Aruba's Carnival Caiso & Soca Monarchs

Carnival 66 2020 Soca Monarch Timeline 4779 Prizes Winners Antoni Gario Anthonio Mingo Richard Quant

Caiso & Soca Monarch 2020

Soca Monarch 2020: Antoni Gario alias ‘Black Diamond’
2nd Place Soca Monarch 2020: Anthonio (Tony) Mingo alias ‘T-Money’
3rd Place Soca Monarch 2020: Richard Quandt alias ‘Mighty Tattoo’

Caiso Monarch 2020: Carl Roosberg Jr. alias ‘Galloway Jr.’
2nd Place Caiso Monarch 2020: Mervin Baptiste alias ‘Blacky’
3rd Place Caiso Monarch 2020: Tabitha Smith-Heemstadt alias ‘Lady Ambiance’

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Carnival 65 2019 Caiso Soca Monarch Finals Timeline 4188 Prizes Caiso All Winners

Caiso & Soca Monarch 2019

Soca Monarch 2019: Anthonio (Tony) Mingo alias ‘T-Money’
2nd Place Soca Monarch 2019: Tabitha Smith-Heemstadt alias ‘Lady Ambiance’
3rd Place Soca Monarch 2019: Carl Roosberg Jr. alias ‘Galloway Jr.’
4th Place Soca Monarch 2019: Claudius Philips Jr. alias ‘Claudy 2.0’– B.M.W. Band
5th Place Soca Monarch 2019: Ashrock Gario alias ‘Diamond Chip’

Caiso Monarch 2019: Tabitha Smith-Heemstadt alias ‘Lady Ambiance’
2nd Place Caiso Monarch 2019: Charles Hooker alias ‘Dr. Hook’
3rd Place Caiso Monarch 2019: Mervin Baptiste alias ‘Blacky’
4th Place Caiso Monarch 2019: Carl Roosberg Jr. alias ‘Galloway Jr.’
5th Place Caiso Monarch 2019: Claudius Philips alias ‘Mighty Talent’

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Carnival 50 2004 Calypso Roadmarch Timeline 158

History: Caso & Soca Monarch

It’s an undeniable fact that both the calypso and roadmarch musical tunes were first introduced to Aruba by the immigrants from Trinidad and other British Caribbean Islands. Immigrants that came to work at the Lago Oil & Transport Company (1924).

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Calypso & Roadmarch Kings and Queens

Bacchanal Time Tracker

name / stage name / song title
song link
name / stage name / song title
song link
name / stage name / song title
song link
C66_2020 55. Antoni Gario (Black Diamond) - Cucu soup 56. Carl Roosberg Jr. (Galloway Jr.) - A true role model
C65_2019 54. Antonio Mingo (T-Money) - Hunter to hunted 55. Tabitha Smith Heemstadt (Lady Ambiance) - My hope
C64_2018 53. Antonio Mingo (T-Money) - Sideliners 54. Mervin Baptiste (Blacky) - It's because ah black
C63_2017 52. Mervin Baptiste (Blacky) - Slip 'n slide 53. Shaun Philips (Mighty Talent Jr.) - Kakalaka spart
C62_2016 canceled canceled
C61_2015 51. Bradley Vesprey (Easy B) - My time 52. Shaun Philips (Mighty Talent Jr.) - Talent say so
C60_2014 50. Claudius Philips (Mighty Talent) - Carnival cheezy 51. Shaun Philips (Mighty Talent Jr.) - Palo
C59_2013 49. Mervin Baptiste (Blacky) - Pacquiao 50. Shaun Philips (Krypto) - Chilling chilling
C58_2012 48. Derwin Kemp (Master Gusto) - Ban pa mi 49. Valentino King - Aruba a dicidi
C57_2011 47. Claudius Philips (Mighty Talent) - Way'é 48. Claudius Philips (Mighty Talent) - Image
C56_2010 46. Diana Emerencia (Lady Eyes) - Sin doño 47. Viviana Hooker (Lady V) - Where do we belong
C55_2009 45. Claudius Philips (Mighty Talent) - Wuk up till you drop 46. Claudius Philips (Mighty Talent) - Perempempem
C54_2008 44. Miguel Oliva (Mighty Campo) - Wine & choke 45. Antoni Gario (Black Diamond) - We blasted musicians we never learn
C53_2007 43. Samuel Philips (Caiso Teddy) - Music 44. Ronwayne Kock (Mr. Unique) - Why us
C52_2006 42. Claudius Philips (Mighty Talent) - Lenga afor 43. Claudius Philips (Mighty Talent) - No tumami haci eh eeeh
C51_2005 41. Ruben Trappenberg (Mighty Hippy) - Wok 42. Claudius Philips (Mighty Talent) - Bite me
C50_2004 40. Kevin James (The Baron) - Jumbie 41. Claudius Philips (Mighty Talent) - Tell me if I lie
C49_2003 39. Reynaldo Sprott (Rusty) - Rusty pot 40. Antoni Gario (Black Diamond) - If home self we discriminated
C48_2002 38. Jeffrey Brooks (Hammer) - Wild donkey 39. Janet Hughes (Singing J) - What a melle
C47_2001 37. Claudius Philips (Mighty Talent) - Frega riba dje 38. Claudius Philips (Mighty Talent) - Wait one minute
C46_2000 36. Reynaldo Sprott (Rusty) - Soak on somebody 37. Ingrid Richardson (Lady K) - Eye for an eye
C45_1999 35. Claudius Philips (Mighty Talent) - Wave it 36. Claudius Philips (Mighty Talent) - Life in Aruba
C44_1998 34. Roy Illis (Long Roy) - Bull jam 35. Claudius Philips (Mighty Talent) - Basta
C43_1997 33. Claudius Philips (Mighty Talent) - Pockets bashi 34. Claudius Philips (Mighty Talent) - Who's the enemy
C42_1996 32. Claudius Philips (Mighty Talent) - Jouvert morning sandwich 33. Claudius Philips (Mighty Talent) - Problems
C41_1995 31. Claudius Philips (Mighty Talent) - Cultura 32. Claudius Philips (Mighty Talent) - One day
C40_1994 30. Julius Andrews (King Computer) - All the way 31. Janet Hughes (Singing J) - List of facts
C39_1993 29. Claudius Philips (Mighty Talent) - Tira awa 30. Claudius Philips (Mighty Talent) - We
C38_1992 28. Claudius Philips (Mighty Talent) - Everybody scratching 29. Richard Quant (Mighty Tattoo) - Sshhhh
C37_1991 27. Richard Quant (Lord Tattoo) - Slide and duck 28. Claudius Philips (Mighty Talent) - Calypso Classic
C36_1990 26. Claudius Philips (Mighty Talent) - Dede den Carnaval 27. Claudius Philips (Mighty Talent) - Nosotros
C35_1989 25. Claudius Philips (Mighty Talent) - Carnival come again 26. Claudius Philips (Mighty Talent) - Shut up your mouth
C34_1988 24. Roy Illis (Long Roy) - More for 34 25. Claudius Philips (Mighty Talent) - I mad
C33_1987 23. Claudius Philips (Mighty Talent) - Push it higher 24. Claudius Philips (Mighty Talent) - Aruba
C32_1986 22. Juancho Ignacio (King John) - Moving the hips 23. Yrad Illidge (Lord Boxoe) - Man playing woman
C31_1985 21. Clifford Browne (Mighty Cliffy) - Road on dire 22. Claudius Philips (Mighty Talent) - Who's who
C30_1984 20. Claudius Philips (Mighty Talent) - 30 years fall down 21. Claudius Philips (Mighty Talent) - Cockfight
C29_1983 19. Yrad Illidge (Lord Boxoe) - Ge-ge 20. Claudius Philips (Mighty Talent) - The surprise
C28_1982 18. Clifford Browne (Lord Cliffy) - Jamming 19. Irvin Hazel (Mighty Reds) - Don't come for crown Sorry, not available
C27_1981 17. Linda Brown (Rasta Linda) - Hail I 18. Irvin Hazel (Mighty Reds) - Tell them
C26_1980 16. Irvin Hazel (Mighty Reds) - This is the way 17. Irvin Hazel (Mighty Reds) - Aruban names
C25_1979 15. Yrad Illidge (Lord Boxoe) - Coming down forking 16. Yrad Illidge (Lord Boxoe) - Shove it up
C24_1978 14. Yrad Illidge (Lord Boxoe) - The meaty 15. David Hodge (Young Quick Silver) - I'm born in Aruba
C23_1977 13. Juan Patricio Flores (Lord Tito) - King Kong 14. Neville C. Abram Sr. (Lord Tiger) - So by so
C22_1976 12. Yrad Illidge (Lord Boxoe) - Bury the cock Sorry, not available 13. Neville C. Abram Sr. (Lord Tiger) - Aruba is the best Sorry, not available
C21_1975 11. Yrad Illidge (Lord Boxoe) - Pond noll pond 12. David Hodge (Young Quick Silver) - Lovely Aruba Sorry, not available
C20_1974 10. Ray Anthony Thomas (Stringer Ray) - Ding dong 11. David Hodge (Young Quick Silver) - Smile on my success Sorry, not available
C19_1973 09. Yrad Illidge (Lord Boxoe) - She rubs she 10. Yrad Illidge (Lord Boxoe) - She rip she Sorry, not available
C18_1972 08. Yrad Illidge (Lord Boxoe) - Pussy don't kill me 09. Yrad Illidge (Lord Boxoe) - Dig me well Sorry, not available
C17_1971 07. Yrad Illidge (Lord Boxoe) - Basha awa bai 08. Yrad Illidge (Lord Boxoe) - Strong man diet
C16_1970 06. David Hodge (Young Quick Silver) - Strong man 07. David Hodge (Young Quick Silver) - Strong man Sorry, not available
C15_1969 05. Ray Anthony Thomas (Stringer Ray) - She pan am panam 06. David Hodge (Young Quick Silver) - Way wrong with Aruba
C14_1968 04. Ray Anthony Thomas (Stinger Ray) - Burning she momo 05. David Hodge (Young Quick Silver) - Don't touch me down dey
C13_1967 03. David Hodge (Young Quick Silver) - The village burning down 04. David Hodge (Young Quick Silver) - Fireworks Sorry, not available
C12_1966 02. Sheffield Gumbs (King Poncho) - Put a tiger in your tank Sorry, not available 03. Sheffield Gumbs (King Poncho) - My tiger Sorry, not available
C11_1965 01. Paul Connor (King Paul) - Pork for sale Sorry, not available 02. Paul Connor (King Paul) Sorry, not available
C10_1964 01. Paul Connor (King Paul) Sorry, not available