Aruba's Carnival 66 in 2020

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Carnival on Aruba is the greatest yearly cultural celebration ever. Carnival activities on this site are divided in into four groups. The Carnival Elections, Carnival Musical Events, Carnival Groups and Others. Aruba’s Carnival season starts with the elections and coronations through which the Carnival Royalties are chosen. Then follows the Musical Events that include the genres of Tumba, Roadmarch, Calypso, Caiso and Soca in the different age categories. Meanwhile the different groups with their participants are working on their costumes and pieces preparing for the Children and Grand Parades. On the road to the final Carnival parades Others are involved like designers, tailors, truck drivers, welders, dance groups, Carnival Foundation, Government, Police Corps, D.O.W., Ambulance, Fire Department., Red Cross, roadside parcels with the public, sponsors, media, charity clubs and more. Everything coalesces into the magnificent Carnival Parades where the Carnival Groups with their participants, Carnival Queens, Carnival Prins- and Panchos show off their astonishing creations singing and dancing on music provided by D.J.’s, steelbands, brassbands, and the Carnival musical bands.
From all over Aruba and the world people come to see and applaude Aruba’s Carnival Parades. A real feast to all senses.


Aruba’s 2019 Carnival Elections

Bacchanal has had an exclusive interview with Jonathan Thiel better known as Jeon. Jeon has a considerable Carnival trajectory participating with different activities. Carnival of Aruba is where in fact it all began for Jonathan providing him with a platform where he could share his talents with a great deal of people. Up until today Jonathan makes time on his busy schedule to be on Aruba during the Carnival season to participate. He explains which was the best moment for him during Carnival and why.

Aruba's 2019 Carnival Musical Bands

It wouldn’t be Carnival if there was no music! During Carnival competitive events are held for three different musical genres which are the Tumba, Caiso (Calypso) and Soca that in the past has been described as Roadmarch. We offer you a line-up of all these Carnival musical events with the bands and all participants. All musical events including the Tumba Festival for Aruba’s Carnival 66 have been moved to take place at the Carnival Village in San Nicolas and are being organized by the Music Foundation of Aruba (Stichting Musica). The musical trend, message and moves fro Aruba’s carnival 66 in 2020 will be set in San Nicolas at the Carnival Village.

Aruba's 2019 Carnival Groups

For 20 years Bacchanal has been documenting the Aruba Carnival activities through a magazine. Now around the world people can follow all these Carnival groups that have participated with Carnival 65 in 2019 and that will in the future Carnival seasons. The preparations for Carnival 66 in 2020 are in full swing. All group have joined Aruba’s Carnival Group Foundation (Stichting Gruponan di Carnaval). Scanning through our group pages and listening to our online Carnival soundtracks will trigger your senses and want to participate.

Other Cultural Events of Aruba

Bacchanal except for Carnival is covering other cultural events of Aruba. The total way that Bacchanal covers and record Carnival events has won the appreciation of especially the local people on Aruba. Now with this online platform the opportunity presents itself to dedicate space for documentation of other Aruba’s cultural events with the guarantee that we’ll do our utmost to register as much as possible.